Diss-order Alley

Sprouted from a composted mulch of melted-down powerviolence 7”s, flaming garbage, and bioluminescent wildlife, Leeds’s loveable idiots ONA SNOP peddle a unique brand of chaotic blastbeat punk which keeps the brain boggling and the head firmly banging.

The four piece’s 2018 debut LP GEEZER is “everything a debut release should be: succinct, heavy, exhilarating, and bat shit insane. Across eighteen tracks in nearly twenty minutes, these maniacs tear through a maelstrom of schizophrenic grindcore, switching on a dime from sludgy head-banging breakdowns to dizzyingly fast thrash-punk blasts to catchy hard rock guitar licks and back again. When it’s over, you just wonder how the hell they fit all of it in.” (Noise Not Music)

Their unrelenting live performance has found favour on a diverse range of bills (MELT-BANANA, SIEGE, CRYPTOPSY, BIG LAD and more), and on numerous tours across Europe and the UK with the likes of MR MARCAILLE and THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN. With writing for LP #2 underway and a busy touring schedule for 2019, ONA SNOP are an unstoppable force of fastcore fury!