Whistlers Green

The Sound of Unity Singing Circle.

We will be gathering in circle to unite our hearts and voices as one. Singing sacred songs from across our sweet Mother Earth.

OM Jai is an exciting fresh new talent coming from the small town of Bakewell outside of Sheffield, England. Over the last 5 years he has been on a deep spiritual journey of self discovery and remembrance, influenced by ancient traditions from all around the world, which has reignited his love for soulful music and unveiled the magnificent healing power that the vibration of sound aligned with pure intentions has on our consciousness.


A young skilled Multi Instrumentalist Musician, Conscious Lyricist, Sound Healer, DJ and Producer still at the very beginning of his journey, his future looks very bright. He will be sharing a few different things around Boomtown with us including; his heart opening songs with the guitar, a deep downtempo journey combined with his conscious lyrics and mystical vocals, a Kirtan singing circle and a profound transcendental sound journey with dear friend and fellow sound healer Gavin Kendrick. What ever gift it is that he is sharing, he is sure to be transmitting high vibrations.