Forest Parties

Founded by the talented French DJ and producer Missill, O'Sisters is a women's collective bringing together artists from around the world. O'Sisters spreads positive messages of empowerment, unity and solidarity to women everywhere. O'Sisters defends the idea that we are all part of a big family, that we can improve each other by sharing our experiences and knowledge through a common passion: music. 

The sound of O’Sisters is thus shaped by Missil, iconic figure of the French breakbeat scene. She is joined by Narjess on percussion and three singers: Seny from Senegal, Tiana from Bosnia and Jordan, American rapper based in New York. 

Mixing electro, soul, funk and world, O'Sisters' music is a perfect mix of electronic sounds, traditional percussion and captivating vocals. The Spanish rap contrasts with the sweetness of ancestral African songs, Indian singing is paired with New York street rap, forgotten melodies from Bosnia are mixed with Tunisian percussions, all on banging beats influenced by African rhythms. 

On stage, lined up in their black and white psychedelic suit, the five members of the O'Sisters collective are determined to welcome us into their sorority for an explosive and extremely visual show. 

With the release of a first EP entitled "Moussolou" which means "powerful woman of Africa", O'Sisters gives pride of place to the ancestral African sounds. Through five songs starring the vocals of Senegalese singer Seny, the EP "Moussolou" perfectly reflects the DNA of the collective. What to wait until the release of the first album of O'Sisters scheduled for the end of 2019 !