Nookie/Cloud 9

AREA 404

Gavin Cheung is one of Moving Shadows most prolific artists. Known notably for his music under the Cloud 9
the alias he also recorded as Nookie for Reinforced, Labello Blanco, Phuzion and Good Looking Records to name a
few. His earth-shattering anthem "You Got me Burnin'" on Moving Shadow was a staple in raves across the world. His production skills were in high demand and collaborations with the likes of Ray Keith were plenty in the 90s - making him one of the most successful producers of that era.

He also worked closely with Rob from Omni Trio and ran one of his shops - the legendary Parliament Music and this went onto become the equally famous Daddy Armshouse Records. Gavin's style knew no boundaries and this can be heard in the smooth rolling funk fuelled vibes of Jazmin that was released on Moving Shadow. A fave amongst DJs like Fabio, Grooverider and Randall, Gavin continues to DJ at events and is promising more productions.....

Performing as part of the Moving Shadow Takeover.