Niraj Naik

Whistlers Green

SOMA Cacao Manifestation Ceremony / SOMA Breathe In Beats Ecstatic Dance

Niraj Naik, aka The Renegade Pharmacist, is an ex-pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert. After working for several years as a community pharmacist, Niraj noticed that patients were not getting better, often becoming more sick and being given more medication. The stress and overwhelm of his job saw Niraj become a patient of ulcerative colitis, and he embarked on a life-changing journey to heal himself. Now he lives totally symptom free and is dedicated to helping others improve their health and live their best life using breathwork, music, and lifestyle guidance.

Workshop: SOMA Cacao Manifestation Ceremony

Ask yourself: what is it you truly want in your life? Is it a certain feeling? An achievement? Your ideal lover? This ceremony is where you’re going to get it.

We will start with a heart-opening group meditation, where you’ll choose one thing you are ready to call into your life. Next, get those endorphins flowing with a delicious sacred Cacao elixir as we prepare for the SOMA Awakening Ceremony.

The SOMA Awakening Ceremony is a multi-sensory meditation journey combining specially crafted brainwave entrainment music, breathwork, and visualisation techniques. You can expect feelings of bliss, connection to source, profound spiritual insights, emotional releases, and even psychedelic visions. Together, we will awaken dormant parts of your brain, connect with your heart’s desires, and start the manifestation process right here, right now. Are you ready

Workshop: SOMA Breathe In Beats Ecstatic Danc

Breathe In Beats is a music collective renowned for their legendary international conscious music festivals. Learn how to use SOMA Breathwork techniques to take your dance and music experience to the next level. Your breath can create an energy inside of you so radiant and powerful that you can produce states of ecstatic bliss on demand! Join Niraj Naik aka The Renegade Pharmacist and his band and dance your heart out to a unique mix of live and electronic tribal fusion beats designed to raise your L.O.V.E. (Levels Of Vibrational Energy). Music really is the medicine!