Barrio Loco

From DJ to presenting to working on TV soundtracks - music is the one thing that has flowed continuously throughout NattySpeaks' career.  Notorious for dropping Jungle classics back in 95 whilst holding residencies at the now legendary ‘Dangerous’ (Hastings Pier) and ‘Heat’ (Atomics) nights, he's always had his finger on the pulse and kept the party going.

Alongside his club antics, he launched the UK underground HIPHOP label Defcon Records (99) whilst touring Europe with True Ingredients and so much more..

You can find Natty hosting stages at many festivals including Glastonbury, Nozstock, Shindig and BoomTown as well as hosting the Epic UK and Mexican Beatbox Championships. Barely pausing to breathe he is also delivering incredible projects with Lyrix Organix, recorded the sound for the powerful film 'Refugee' or can be found out on the road with the crazy GhettoFunk Allstar Family...