Napalm Death

Napalm Death

Diss-order Alley

Art reflects life. Extreme times demand extreme responses. Silence sucks. Noise is always the answer. And yes, NAPALM DEATH continue to be one of the few bands on the planet that adhere to all these principles and more. For the last three decades, their name has been synonymous with heavy music taken to the extreme – music that confronts, confound and eviscerates in equal measure. NAPALM DEATH’s enduring impact on the world of sonic savagery began in the late 1980s with debut ‘Scum' (87) and follow up ‘From Enslavement To Obliteration' (88) which refined and redefined the notion of brutality and velocity in the worlds of punk, hardcore and metal. Endorsed by the legendary DJ John Peel, the Brummie grindcore pioneers were such an exhilarating and yet alien dose of jolting adrenaline that even the mainstream media were forced to prick up their ears and take note. NAPALM DEATH are driven by a ferocious intelligence and a genuine desire to make the world a better place through the promotion of rational thought and respect for all fellow humans. During the Earache takeover at Shangri La Glastonbury 2017, frontman Barney made NAPALM DEATH’s ethos clear to the 7,000 strong crowd when he stated:

“Everyone deserves a life of happiness and dignity.”

EARACHE RECORDS, the extreme underground label which discovered NAPALM DEATH and released the first 7 albums, have gatecrashed the UK festival scene in recent years with some unforgettable Earache curated stages and takeovers at festivals like Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair. EARACHE are on a mission to bring 'heavy’ bands to the masses and quickly becoming notorious for some of the maddest and most-talked about festival experiences around. NAPALM DEATH are spearheading this new movement and the Thursday night Boomtown headline set on The Earache Factory set is an unmissable one.