AREA 404

Shortly after discovering free parties, Medusa started mixing herself around the age of 16 and soon converted to vinyl. A year later the young DJ began producing Acid Techno and HardTek, you can hear her releases at Open Source Records.

Medusa has been smashing out sets at all over including: Ireland, France, Italy and at home in England since her first time playing the Black Swan, Bristol. Illusive festival and Acid Punk Royale festival have both had the pleasure of having this youthful energetic DJ get their crowds pumping. Her stomping bouncy sets filled with acid or Hardtek never fail to get the crowd jumping. Acid is her passion however she has a broad range of musical tastes that range from Hip Hop to Punk to Hard Techno plus loads more. HardTek is another genre Medusa loves to smash out as well as Ragga dnb, Ragga Jungle and Garage.