Copper County

Heralded as “two supernovas smashing into each other" (WalesOnline) and “wonderfully bonkers” (FreshontheNet), MADI is the moniker of singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Maddie Jones and her band: Dan Fitzgerald (modular synth/guitar); Chay Lockyer (bass); and Rich Welsby (drums). Blurring lines between experimental art and pure pop MADI pushes musical boundaries while still maintaining accessible pop hooks. Live shows contain theatrics choreography costume and visuals.

With producer Charlie Francis (REM Sweet Baboo Future of the Left) MADI creates weirdo pop that is “very unique” but will appeal to fans of St Vincent, David Bowie and Goldfrapp. MADI’s sound was born in 2018 as a result of experimentation with production and electronic songwriting.

The first 3 singles were all released with videos in keeping with MADI's highly visual aesthetic and all were championed by BBC Radio 6Music amongst others.