LGBTQ+ Panel Discussion

Whistlers Green

How do you create and manage an authentic queer safe space at a music festival? Are these spaces important? Or do they segregate and alienate the rest of the festival? Should festivals be doing more to represent this marginalised community or do these spaces only divide us further? Do you need a Respect Policy and how do you manage the people that come to the venues that aren't LGBTQ+? 

This panel discussion speaks to leading experts in festival production that also work with the LGBTQ+ community. We hear about their experiences working in the festival industry - covering everything from gender balance on programming, music policy, performance, management, and try to understand the challenges the panel face when trying to represent the queer community within music festivals.

Featuring members of Boomtown venue crews from Little Gay Brother, Red Rash Inn, and Pleasuredome.
Hosting this discussion is Clayton Wright from Little Gay Brother (from Boomtown's Metropolis and Pagoda Plaza)

With speakers:

Faye Freeman of The Red Rash Inn 

(BoomTown's District 5)

James Haggart of Pleasuredome/Viva La Disco 

(BoomTown's Metropolis & Lakota nightclub)  

More TBC...