Kay Hoffmann

Whistlers Green

Coming home to ourselves through Wholebody Focusing

Kay Hoffmann is one of the most experienced focusing teachers in the UK. She loves finding creative ways of sharing focusing and teaching people how to companion one another in focusing rather than relying on paid facilitators. She is committed to a belief that everyone can access their inner wisdom in a life-giving way when provided with a welcoming, unintrusive space in which to listen to themselves. Kay lives in Bedfordshire and runs courses and workshops around the country.

An opportunity to press the pause button in the midst of festival mayhem and come home to yourself!! Wholebody Focusing provides a safe, easily-accessible way of coming home to both the solid ground and the free-flowing life within us. It re-awakens our natural capacity to enjoy a supportive, life-giving relationship with our bodies and the world around us. This workshop will provide a space in which you can experience Wholebody Focusing, both alone and in pairs, and discover your innate ability to reconnect with yourself in this life-affirming way. No prior experience required – just come as you are!