Lion's Den

Now with two Mercury-nominated albums under his belt, 'Made In The Manor' and 'Hoodies All Summer' and an epic live show that recently sold out the Royal Albert Hall in two hours, Kano raises the bar with an artistic vision which challenges and enriches the social, musical and cultural landscape of Britain.

Kano captures the social zeitgeist of Britain, a mouthpiece for the Black British working-class youth who speaks on youth violence, poverty, racism, trauma, escapism, prison pipeline and general systematic failure. But there is nothing preachy about Kano, he's not standing on a soapbox yelling at public bystanders. He is in fact bringing humanity back into the national conversation about inner-city communities, placing him with the likes of Bob Dylan, 2 Pac and Nina Simone who gave a voice to marginalised peoples through their music.

In these times of uncertain political leadership, the endz have found their own prime minster in Kano.