Jus Now

Jus Now

Barrio Loco

Global thinking comes naturally to Soca and UK club kings Jus Now. In the half decade since Trinidadian Producer Keshav and UK beat-smith Interface met on a dark Bristol dancefloor, cross-continental collaboration has been at the very heart of everything they’ve done.

Separated by 5,000 miles of Atlantic ocean with deeply disparate upbringings and musical influences, but united by a love of percussion, rhythm, bass and a damn good party, Jus Now’s music could never have been anything but utterly unique.

Even though it’s been 7 years since they first met on that smoky Bristol dance floor, it finally feels like the world is ready for what Jus Now do. And with this latest EP behind them and a full live band featuring trumpeters, dancers, drummers and more in the works, it’s clear - Jus Now are ready for the world.