Jojo Mehta

Whistlers Green

"Stop Ecocide: Change the Law is about preventing harm to the Earth at the source.  Everything else is like mopping the floor while the tap is running.  Establishing a crime of ecocide turns off the tap.  It's simple, it's powerful, it's possible, and it's time everybody knew about it."  Jojo Mehta

“So much of today’s sustainability talk has become very predictable – and even safe in a ‘same old, same old’ kind of way. That isn’t what you’ll get from Jojo, who tells it as it is, makes people think again, and offers radical new ideas for the very different world we now so urgently need.”  Jonathon Porritt, Founder/Director, Forum for the Future

Jojo Mehta co-founded, with visionary earth lawyer Polly Higgins, the global legal campaign Stop Ecocide: Change the Law, a growing movement of Earth Protectors backing a law to make ecocide an international crime. As key spokeswoman for the campaign Jojo has a talent for distilling the big picture with clarity and passion - look to be inspired... and discover how changing the rules of the game will not only halt ecosystem destruction in its tracks but also completely rearrange our relationship to nature - for the better.  You'll never think of law the same way again!