jane carvell & dan tomlinson

jane carvell & dan tomlinson

Whistlers Green

Find Your Flow

Is there something keeping you from finding your flow? What’s in the way of you connecting with yourself?  Using dance with a framework of Jungian Archetypes we will explore the different parts of yourself that show up; sometimes connected and sometimes working against you.

Shine a light on yourself so that you can feel into your authentic flow. 

Dan Tomlinson

I am an actor, music composer, woodworker and father. I like to bring all of those roles and experience to my creative process. When I was at primary school in the 70s I remember there was a radio attached to the wall of the hall. On Friday mornings it was tuned to Radio 3 playing a program called “Music and Movement”. I can remember the voice inviting me to use my imagination and move to the music in whatever way called. I remember moving like a tree. I loved it. I love that that was part of my schooling. I constantly rediscover the joy of “Music and Movement” in my practice of 5 Rhythms, Tantra, The Mankind Project, Sacred Geometry, and composing.


Jane Carvell

I have found that there is nothing simple about being conscious, perhaps a ‘Matrix’ moment (“this is ballsy work!”).  It has been necessary for me to uncover the reasons behind decisions and choices in life that have led me to this moment. I am on a journey, and every layer that falls away reveals my true self and leads me closer to who I was meant to be; connected to my authenticity and source.

Working with the shadow, the human parts that have been shamed, laughed at or blamed, I facilitate the un-layering of strategies that are no longer of use.  Enabling you to redefine who you want to be right now.

Certified Shadow Work Facilitator and Coach; NLP Practitioner; Business Transformational Coach; Shiatsu Practitioner; Women In Power Facilitator