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The Geezer's creation ‘JAH SCOOP’ came into being from the late 90's, first imprinted on the notorious Highwire Label, which was originally a dub techno label project. With killer classics such as "Mr Bodyguard" and the all time scorcher "Lick it" produced with the Mighty Daddy Spanners, these tracks have been party dance floor standards for over a decade.

Since those days, Jah Scoop has pushed and developed this sound to a very unique reggae techno tip that cannot be compared. It is clearly the work of a musician, which really shines through in his studio productions.

Over the last few years, Jah Scoop has accelerated his sound even more to a heavy rockers techno sound, laced with a positive message to unify the dance floor, which is truly needed in this forever-changing world.

Move out of Babylon …   One Love!!

To any underground techno head the Geezer needs no introduction, as he is one of the true creators of acid techno. The original pioneer of this underground techno sound from London and with over 2500 releases under his belt, he has laid down the foundations for all those who have come through since, inspiring many new producers along the way.

He is the Geezer and ‘Jah Scoop’ is one of his finest creations. Be prepared to have your spirits lifted through the generous vibes of Jah Scoop’s unique heavy dub sounds, layered with authentic vocals on a back bone of Geezer-style rhythmic techno grooves. Be prepared to feel the love… be prepared to unify under the influence of Jah Scoop! One Love!