Diss-order Alley

Coming from a range of different musical backgrounds GHOULS have never bowed down to specific genre restrictions, or a scene of any sort, they simply pride themselves on making original stand-out music that gives them the possibility to tour the world. With performances in the UK Europe the USA and Australia under their belts they've certainly made good on this! "We aren’t bothered where we’re placed or how you categorize us as a band, only that you notice that we’re unique and offer something for those who stand out and feel they are different from the rest of the ‘crowd’." says frontman Benedict Goold.

GHOULS pride themselves on being an inclusive family. As individuals they never found themselves fitting into particular scenes or crowds instead creating their own gang of misfits. "We are a family that extends wider than the 5 band members of the band; from the people who come to our shows or listen to our songs, to the people who have driven us around, put us up, fed us, gave us a home for a few hours - we’re all family! Ghouls stand for the people who don’t fit in and perhaps don’t want to fit in, the people that just want to be themselves!