Ego Ella May

Ego Ella May

Whistlers Green

Ego Ella May is the future sound of Neo-Soul”- NOISEY

Ego Ella May is a songwriter and vocalist. Hailing from South London, she has an all-encompassing love of music, which she channels into her own neo-soul and contemporary jazz compositions.

At the heart of Ego’s writing is a deep passion and respect for jazz. Touching on her writing process and her connection to her craft, she explains: “Everyone’s ears are so different, so I let them be the judge, but the root of it all is jazz. I write what’s on my mind, or if I have a burning desire to write. My favourite quote is “you have to read, to write” so I spend a lot of time reading novels, poetry and books about my history”.

Ego Ella May has a high level of admiration for people who show their vulnerabilities through music, and uses this as a source of inspiration; “It’s so easy to lie to yourself and others, so I really admire people who have the audacity to be truthful”. Her songwriting takes influences from equal measures of reflective moments of solitude and conversations with friends which she demonstrates with effortless power in each unique voicing.

Alongside writing from the heart, performing live is important to Ego Ella May to share and connect with the people who enjoy her music; “I feel most comfortable when my band is with me and I can just dance around whilst they play really sick versions of the tunes!” She continues, “It's nice to hear how we can experiment on something that can be so heavily beat-oriented and make it a nice live instrument friendly piece”.

Ego Ella May has worked with Oscar Jerome, Joe Armon-Jones (Ezra Collective), Wu-Lu and Eddie Hick (Sons of Kemet), recording with live instruments in an impromptu jam-setting. As London’s jazz scene continues to grow and gain the recognition it deserves, there is no doubt the release of her debut album will bring about a bright year for this talented spirit.