Forest Parties

Dubkasm are comprised of childhood friends Digistep and DJ Stryda, who kicked off their dub project in the mid-'90s before going on to launch their Sufferah's Choice label in 2003 in order to showcase their studio productions. Their 2009 debut album 'Transform I' was a culmination of their work so far, collecting tracks from their previous 12-inches and including vocal turns from Dub Judah, Levi Roots and Afrikan Simba. A dub version of the entire record along with a remix CD completed the Transform I Trilogy in 2010.

2013 saw the release of their iconic tune “Victory!” - which remains to this day one of the biggest anthems in modern sound system music. Having received the official remix treatment from none other than Mala, and having made it into the repertoire of the likes of the Outlook Orchestra, Victory! is one of those rare tunes which still receives heavy rotation from many of the international sound system scene’s leading protagonists, but never loses its freshness or ability to make you smile.

Fast forward through til now with a score of releases on esteemed labels such as Peng Sound, ZamZam, and their own imprint Sufferah’s Choice - including their full-length album “Rastrumentals”, which was the culmination of 7 years of studio work between Brazil & Brixton - Dubkasm continue to push out a positive message through quality roots & dub reggae productions and regular live shows across the globe.

Dubkasm’s blend of live instrumentation and lo-tech dubwise textures results in a unique sonic amalgamation, underpinned by a strong Rasta roots vibe.

"Modern roots reggae at its finest" - Steve Barker, Wire Magazine