Dominique Sakoilsky

Whistlers Green

Living Radical Health in our Relationships

I have been working in the arena of birth and family life since the late 80s, initially at the Active Birth Centre in London, where this early beginning in the arena of birth led me to study, train and work in related modalities; I have long been passionate about finding increasing integration and healing in the arena of relationships, both romantic and family wise. I have worked as a relationship and family therapist for almost 20 years, whilst also working with the body in yoga and craniosacral therapy. I have trained doulas and therapists in birth work, prenatal psychology and relationship health, in Brazil, Lithuania, Portugal, India and Turkey, and have a busy private practice in Bristol.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to grow more connection and authenticity in their relationships, finding increased space for love and joy.

In this workshop it is my intention to share some of the key elements of relationships as I see it, based on 20 years of working as a relationship therapist. This asks for responsibility, resilience, and a willingness to grow. Come along and who knows, you might just learn something that makes a very big difference in your experience of relationship going forward. You don’t need to be in a couple relationship to attend this workshop, it comes from an understanding we are not alone, always relational, yearning for connection, whether to self or others. Come join us to find out a simple way to bring oneself into a clearer relationship that invites us into the deeper mysteries of life.