Doctor Goh

Whistlers Green

Inner Yoga: Adventures in the deeper realms of the self / The Cosmic Superhighway

Doctor Goh is a passionate Scaravellian-inspired yoga teacher, author, musician, mother, psychologist, lover of life and sought after inspirational speaker.  She shares her wisdom drawn from psychology (she is an honorary research fellow The University of Manchester and Associate psychology lecturer at The Open University and expert in The Self), her deep studies of the more mystical and esoteric realms (forthcoming book) and her hedonistic travels. With humour and warmth Doctor Goh delivers invaluable messages empowering us to drop back from the incessant chatter of the mind and connect with and receive the simple yet mind-blowing gifts from the Great Life-Force.  

Workshop: Inner Yoga – Adventures in the deeper realms of the self

In this yoga session Doctor Goh guides you through powerful yet effortless (wu-wei) movement and pranayama (breathwork).  You will journey through the layers of the self (the physical body, the mind, the emotions, the intellect) to arrive at a portal into the deeper self.  Doctor Goh then leads you into a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) where you will move through the portal into a new realm.

Talk: The Cosmic Superhighway

If you ever feel like you are walking through treacle, or a bit lost, or that your desires and dreams are filled with ‘if onlys’ then go see Doctor Goh. In this fascinating and fun talk Doctor Goh will reveal to you the great paradoxes in life that knock us back and down.  She will guide you to NOT believe what you are conditioned to believe and reveal to you a path and a portal to a Cosmic Superhighway. This is ancient wisdom translated and made relevant to YOU. You are the future and the future needs YOU! *Warning….this talk could transform your life.