AREA 404

Dismantle is an artist that understands electronic music implicitly. 

He began DJing at the tender age of 13, from then he went on to study all sub-genres within the culture, becoming well versed in a scene beyond his years.

By his late teens he was touring and releasing genre-defining music and in 2017 now he finds himself stretching his musical wings. His music is regularly getting support from a varied cross-section of DJs; Shy FX, DJ Die, dBridge, My Nu Leng and Redlight have all been playing his productions.

His DJ sets reflect his tastes perfectly, weaving through styles in a cohesive manner with one eye always on the dancefloor.

Never one to be held down, his musical development can be seen via labels that include Digital Soundboy, GutterFunk, More Time and Maraki.