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Sean O’Keeffe began his musical journey when he was hooked by the sound of US house in the late 80’s. He could be found DJing in the local pubs and clubs long before he was old enough to drink in them, and as the decade turned, he was already spinning at venues and raves across the country. With his sets encompassing everything from Transmat to Nu-Groove and Warp to Shut Up And Dance, word of his talent spread and he was given a DJ residency by Rob Playford (Founder of Moving Shadow). From here it was only a matter of time before Sean, along with friend Simon Colebrooke formed 2 Bad Mice and demanded that Playford engineer some tunes for them. First out (in early 1991) was “2 Bad Mice / No Respect, with its tribal breakbeats and Joey Beltram style bassline, it was labelled as “Jungle Techno” by legendary rave Djs “Top Buzz”…..the label stuck! (THIS REALLY IS HOW IT CAME ABOUT, DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!!)


Next up was the “Five In One Night” EP by Kaotic Chemistry followed by the big one, 2 Bad Mice’s “Hold It Down” EP,  Featuring “Hold It Down”, “Waremouse” (the last tune ever played at Rage) and the rather popular “Bombscare” (still being played by the likes of Sasha today!) It was this record that really put Moving Shadow on the map and it was at this time that Sean committed himself full time to working full time for the label. He became a director in 1995.


As royalties from the 2 Bad Mice and Kaotic Chemistry singles started to come in, Sean invested the money in a sampler of his own and embarked on his first solo project under the name Deep Blue. The result was a little number known as “The Helicopter Tune”. Described as “seminal”, “a masterpiece”, “a turning point for Drum & Bass” (by the press) and “alright” (by him), it was without doubt one of the most influential records in Drum & Bass history, it reached #46 in the CIN chart and 25 years on, still gets sneaked into sets by everyone from Fabio to Andy C.


The saga continued with the release of Goldie fave “Thursday” as a tribute to the “inspirational” London club nights “Rage” and “Speed”. This was followed by “Transitions”, a collaboration with Blame that once again had the dance floors rocking and the press raving. This was to be Sean’s last recording for Moving Shadow, as after 7 years loyal service, he was part of the group that left to form new label “Partisan” at Björk’s label “One Little Indian”.

It was here that Sean recorded the ground-breaking “Destroyer / Oceans Above Life” and then “Affirmative / Negative” a collaboration with “Tertius”


This was followed by a spell living and recording in a Martello tower on the shores of Dublin Bay, a period that Sean describes as ”Magical but unproductive” as the only thing he had to show for it was “an uncontrollable urge to go and sit in the pub all day”


His return to England (and work) saw the long awaited release of the “..Breathtaking” “Immersion / Momentum” on Doc Scott’s legendary 31 Records, and “Salvador” a midtempo latino techno number on Reinforced offshoot Twisted Funk Records run by 4 Hero main man Marc Mac. His next solo single “Soho Code” was released on groundbreaking Brooklyn label “Offshore” and was followed by “Do You Voodoo?” released in the summer of 2003.


Along the way he has found time to remix artists including; UB40, Kevin Saunderson, Terra Deva, Manbreak, 45 Dip and a host of others. He has also had tracks chosen for use on Playstation games including Grand Theft Auto and even pop up in the occasional Hollywood movie.


 Throughout 2002/3 he teamed up with drum and bass legend, and old friend Rob Haigh AKA Omni Trio. Their first collaboration “Station to Station” was signed up instantly by LTJ Bukem for release on Good Looking and this lead to the duo deciding to record a joint album “All Tomorrow’s Food”, under the pseudonym “Black Rain”. Released in spring 2003 on their new label “Scale”


The next in his steady (but slow!) catalogue of releases was the remix of “Soho Code” for Offshore records (Known as Version X), this track was smashed by the likes of High Contrast and chased by Goldie for Metalheadz.


In 2005 Sean finally completed his first solo long player. ”Metropolitain Chic” on Scale Records represents a milestone in Sean’s career, allowing him to reflect nearly 2 decades of influences in just under 80 minutes, from LTJ Bukem to Carl Craig, Black Dog to Derick May, it’s all here, filtered through the unmistakeable Deep Blue sound. The album was also the end of an era in some ways, almost like a book-end to complete over a decade of Deep Blue releases.


Feeling liberated by being able to put Deep Blue behind him, Sean has spent the last years as a passionate and almost obsessive consumer of deep house and techno, with increasingly regular visits to Ibiza (a place he first dragged his record box to in 1991) to get his fix. This together with the change from doing music for living, to doing it for a hobby has meant that his new moniker “Shimiko” has been able to develop slowly and surely. The first Shimiko track, “Push” was released on the consistently brilliant Freerange records.


With a new focus and mindset, Deep Blue has briefly come out of retirement, firstly with a remix of DAAT’s “Orange Line” for Offshore/Organic and most recently with a remix of PBK’s Moonflower for German label Camino Blue.

He comes to Boomtown to takeover the brand new Grid stage with the Legends of Moving Shadows!