Diss-order Alley

Japanese electro-metal alchemists

Hailing from Osaka, Crossfaith have been turning heads since 2006 with their glitchy, uniquely energetic sound that owes as much to The Prodigy as it does Pantera. For the uninitiated, imagine taking elements of metal and hardcore punk, throwing them into a blender alongside equally sized chunks of dubstep, industrial, EDM, gabber and hip-hop, allowing the mixture to settle and then injecting it directly into your eyeballs. The band’s uncompromising style is evident not just in their music, but their lyrical subject matter too, with songs like ‘Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes’ taking the Japanese government to task for withholding information about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster from the general public. It’s heavy stuff indeed, and as you’d expect Crossfaith’s live show is absolutely devastating, fuelled by blaring guitars, speaker blowing synth lines and a palpable sense of righteous indignation.