Corrine Williams & Nic Crolls

Whistlers Green

Shamanic Trance Dance

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual is a contemporary practice with its roots in the ancient dances of our ancestors and is an intimate personal inner journey taking place within sacred space. Wearing a bandana over your eyes releases you from distractions and as the music plays you use the power of your breath and a strong intention to journey within to gather wisdom guidance and treasures to bring back and make use of in your everyday life. The ritual is facilitated by Corinne Williams and Nic Croll. 

Corrine has always been a passionate explorer of what it means to be truly Awake and Alive on this beautiful Earth. Her desire to live as embodied a life as she can has lef her to train specifically in energy healing, shamanic work, Taoist practice and dance and she loves to share what she has learned with others.