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Ngaio is a force to be reckoned with. More than just a singer, this powerhouse of a performer can switch from a killer DJ set to delivering intricate jazz harmonies with a voice that could have stepped out of the 1940s, to heart hitting spoken word.

Born in London, now a twenty years strong Bristolian, Ngaio has been skating across musical scenes since she could walk. As well as being  musical director of Bristol’s Bass Choir. She has been organising and promoting events since setting up of her own night Booty Bass which was started in 2018 as a way to provide a platform for more female DJ’s.

It’s rare to find a performer with this many strings to their bow. Ngaio’s versatility as an artist has seen her moving audiences to standing ovations in St George’s Hall with a soul striking vocals, spark tears though truth laden lyrics, destroy dancefloors with selections old and new that take crowds on a journey of nostalgia and discovery and sometimes combine all three! Bringing jazz influenced vocals into the UK Funky world has seen her released on Bristol label Durkle Disco with a Cardinal Sound remix that reached clubs from Europe to Australia.

Previously seen at festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Love Saves The Day, Tokyo World and guesting on Rinse FM, Flex FM, Noods Radio and soon to be station regular at SWU FM, 2019 isn’t likely to see her slowing down any time soon.

Electric performances that envelop the crowd, the vibe she provides stays long after she’s left.

Booty Bass was born to create a space for women to come together playing big, bad, unapologetic bangers. Since its conception in 2018 it’s become a space that promotes an appreciation of different cultures and sounds from across the world where dancing and laughing is key


Chikaya is showing us that Bristol is not just about the DJ’s or producers but also the home to great traditional musical talent. The originator of what she coins as “Cosmic Trap”,  Chikaya’s EP 'Descend' takes you on a journey of spacey beats and playful lyrics, with an amazing soulful voice that brings you gently back down to Earth. 'Think of all of the etherealnesses of Grimes and Bjork, but with the soul and tambour of Kelela'. Singing over beats created by her and her anonymous producer, the duo have been able to create a trail of ethereal magic.


Raggo is a Bristol based drum and bass dj. Starting her journey in hometown London, in the field of House and UK Funky, she quickly found her feet within Bristols drum and bass scene. Raggo is a resident for bristols up and coming collective Concrete Jungyals which has enabled her to play in the likes of Motion, Lakota, Blue Mountain and many more. Each set comes with a bundle of energy and a fierce vibe making her sets some of the most unique. The last year has seen her with features in TripMag, her festival debut at Nozstock, her international debut at bass festival Membrain as well as appearances on radios such as Rinse FM, Reprezent, Radar, Studio 808 and more. 2019 is beginning to look large for Raggo with bookings some of Croatia's finest festivals such Hospitality on the Beach and Outlook! Having started her venture just over a year ago Raggo is going from strength to strength so make sure to keep your eyes peeled as its about to go Raggo….


Asterix is a Bristol based drum and bass DJ, with jungle and hip hop influences she delivers a wave of energy and passion to every set. Making her mark in Bristol and the U.K, 2019 brings start of her international journey at Hospitality on the beach 2019.