Chris Liberator: A Pioneer of the Acid Techno sound since the very early nineties when he started mixing with his cohorts in the Liberator DJ crew Julian and Aaron. Starting their label Stay Up Forever in 1993 they went on a mission to create the sound of 303’s brain melting squat party/underground UK techno of the time. In doing so Acid Techno as we know it was born. The label flourished and in its wake more artists/DJs and labels followed as the Liberators band of accomplices expanded to include the likes of D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DDR,Geezer Gizelle and Lawrie Immersion spearheading a sound that soon turned in to a world wide scene with its hub rooted in the illegal squat scene. Chris became the DJ at the forefront of the scene with his dedication to the ever growing and expanding sound of Acid Techno, as it grew into an unstoppable genre all of it’s own, a truly underground sound of pounding warehouse beats and fizzing analogue energy.

From ‘London Acid City’ (which he wrote with Lawrie Immersion) to the legendary ‘One Night In Hackney’ (which he created with D.A.V.E The Drummer) hear Chris blast through an amazing 2 hour history of the genre, through the golden years to party anthems, to the New School Acid inspired by the energy and freedom of this truly unique movement.

Experience ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY at ONE NIGHT IN BOOMTOWN with the legend that is Chris Liberator.