Ceilidh Liberation Front


“Sweat-busting abandon, subverted dances and party tunes” – Time Out

Brought to you by London's The Nest Collective, The Ceilidh Liberation Front is their interpretation of the lore of the ceilidh -  the most radical, vivacious ceilidh band, liberating the dance floor with their energetic and immersive performances.

United under The Nest Collective umbrella, the CLF house band is made up of the finest musicians and charismatic callers from the four corners of the land who bring an uplifting repertoire along with their theatrical and spontaneous hosts, making for an immersive dance experience.

This small army of virtuoso musicians, firmly rooted in the soil of Britain’s rich traditional music history, have been nurtured by years of playing, collaborating and innovating. Combining music, dance, and theatrics, this is ceilidh music as you’ve never heard (or seen) it before. Don’t forget your dancing shoes when you go down to the ceilidh.

“Taking the traditional ceilidh as its starting point, but ripping up the rule book, souping up the music and subverting the dance moves. No experience is necessary” – Londonist