Diss-order Alley

Black Futures are a gift from the future. Sent back in time to steer humankind away from a path of total destruction. Sent back to avoid AI’s inevitable uprising. Sent back to spread feelings of elation, awe and wonder. Sent back to protect the worlds diversity, quirks and oddities via the medium of sonic hypnosis and song. Sent back to be a whirlwind of inclusivity a non-stop positive, nihilistic, pre apocalypse prevention party.

You may know them as SPACE and VIBES. They fuse violent rhythms with elated melodies with symphonies of distortion and counterpoint. Mantras for a new beginning. A FUTURE PUNK!
Join the Black Futures Expedition Club and help build a Newtopia for the soulful and strange. 

(For Fans Of: Music, Popular Music, Alternative Music, Loud Music, World Music, Machine Music, All Music, Classic Music, Just Music)