Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation

Town Centre

Asian Dub Foundation  are a genre unto themselves . Their unique combination of tough jungle rhythms, dub bass lines and wild guitar overlaid by references to their South Asian roots  and militant high-speed rap  has established them as one of the best live bands in the world .During their long and productive career Asian Dub Foundation have shared the stage  with the likes of bands such as Rage Against The Machine and the Beastie Boys and collaborated on record with the likes of Radiohead, Sinead O’ Connor, Iggy Pop and  Chuck D.

In addition to their blistering live reputation ADF were one of the first bands to experiment with the now more commonplace live film re-score , beginning with their rapturously-received interpretation of the French classic La Haine back in in 2001. They’ve continued to perform said project or nearly two decades, taking in David Bowie’s Meltdown at London’s South Bank and a controversial show at the Broadwater Farm Estate ,scene of the events that led to the London Riots of 2011. They’ve also rescored George Lucas’ debut THX 1138  (with encouragement from Mr. Lucas himself) and they’ve recently revived their explosive live interpretation to the continually relevant Battle of Algiers at the Museum of Immigration in Paris.

It’s been a busy  2019 for the band , not only with Algiers  but also the long-awaited reissue of their Mercury Prize-nominated 1998 classic Rafi’s Revenge , masterfully repackaged by London/Because records. Said reissue has garnered ecstatic reviews , all of which agree that the sound and the message that ADF threw down in 1998 is as relevant now as it was then- maybe even more so, as their continually referenced  pro-immigrant anthem “Fortress Europe” can attest to.  And as if that isn’t enough ADF have recently provided a backing for the timely warnings of Greta Thunberg  and Extinction Rebellion . With a line-up that also includes the inimitable Nathan “Flutebox” Lee , you‘d better get ready to jump for justice with Asian Dub Foundation.