Diss-order Alley

punk ass blues fuzz and trashy cheap trick electronica, all presented in a kitsch and intimidating form, motherfucker

Anarchistwood take searing acid singed psych punk, cranium scrapingly intense and play it with sass and joy where tunes are imbued with just a whiff of cool conceptual punk pranksterism.

The custodians of anarchistwood include its two shamanic originators –lyricist/ vocalist funkcutter and musician and multi undisciplined artist Candi’s flipped Blackwood. funkcutter and Candi met as VJs in clubland back in the Noughties when Candi was house DJ /VJ for the notorious Turnmills nightclub. On the chaotic trip that anarchistwood has taken since 2005, many collaborators have joined the ritual. The current line up consists of drummer Scarlet “half-goy, pussy magnet” Carsen (Bug Central), bassist J Mitch Flacko (Hagar the Womb / Mekons), guitarist David “the Wasp” Kahl (Brown Glove/Old Ernie), rhythm guitarist Kris Stazaker, (T-Bitch/ICC/solo folk) VJ Tanzi Jezebel and their newest member drummer and filmographer Black Triangle Lindsey S.

Their recent studio third “The Nasty Album” and fourth “Sine on, Mr Lovely” albums produced by Andy Brook have received much praise in the underground music press, including this review of The Nasty Album from Mark Ray in Louder Than  War: -

"anarchistwood aren’t a screeching anti everything band, they take that hippy/punk union of subversive chaotic love and peace and ally it to a musically proficient and tight sound that can veer between out and out punk to a Gang of Four funk or a Zappa style shift of rhythm. Add to this a clever use of sound bites and vocals that switch between anger and beauty, and you have a whole record that is bigger than its parts."

Some have been so disturbed by anarchistwood, that his was published in Razorcake Magazine - “What the fuck is this? Weirdo hippie anarchist art punk from the UK, like a psychotic mix of Crass, Gang of Four, and Frank Zappa - weird squeaks and bleeps, manic time signatures, and a garbled strange message. You know when the CIA use torture, they blast high pitched sounds to confuse the detainees? Well, if they used this, I'd sing like a fucking canary.