Amanda Rayment

Whistlers Green

Listening to the Body Meditation

Amanda Rayment is a practitioner in Herbal Medicine and a Womens Health and Healing educator and speaker. She has over 30 years experience as a practitioner and educator in the field of Womens Health and Wellbeing including menstrual health, fertility care, and all aspects of  Womens life cycles and family relationships. Amanda offers courses for women, one to one consultations and an online herbal teas shop through her website for those wanting to use herbs and natural healing methods in their daily life to support their health, wellness, healing and happiness.

Amanda has trained within many different healing traditions and models from Herbal Medicine , Shamanic healing through to Pre and Peri Natal Psychology. Amanda’s approach is often described by clients and students as gentle, compassionate, clarity, empowering and one which signposts you to a deeper knowing of your self.

Amanda lives her life in Dorset and is inspired daily by the landscape, the joy of the her roles as mother and grandmother. Alongside the blessings and discoveries of working with women through the services she offers in her work practices and the passion for  the feminine aspect of Womens healing ways.

In this workshop Herbalist and Womens health practitioner Amanda Rayment  will offer a gentle guided exploration of the body. Inviting you to listen to your body through welcoming relaxation, spaciousness and vitality . This can bring about a dissolving of  tensions and constrictions held in the body and an experience of the body felt in a completely new way.

This workshop is offered to women as an invitation to respond to their body with compassion and self kindness  through the simple and effective process of deeply listening to the body. There will be some discussion of Womens herbal allies to use in our own homes. Also space will be offered for dialogue where participants can ask questions, share experiences if they so wish.