Rooms & Line-up

A true celebration of our collective spirit bringing together musical styles, theatrical exploration and creative endeavour, the AREA 404 complex is made up of five distinct rooms:

Core Reactor

Festival favourites from reggae to rap to rinse out will be reverberating around the biggest of the 5 rooms - the remains of AMIs core reactor.  Heavyweight, live bands will light up the stage until dawn taking their audience to the next realm.

Engine Room 

Step inside the beating, industrial heart of the Core Reactor and prepare yourself for a continuation of live music - a true treat for the senses.

Decontamination Zone 

Experience the full might of a techno, retro and experimental line-up and head for the radioactive meltdown that is the Decontamination Zone. 

Acid Chamber  

Submerge yourself into the dark depths of a corroded world and enjoy the beat of the DnB massive. 


Stand tall amongst the mutated plants and take part in a bacchanal bloodbath of show-stopping tunes.

Boomtown Halloween will bring you the full genre-spanning spectrum from live ska and reggae, hip hop, garage and grime to 3 dance rooms of techno, DnB and party mash-up. 

You will receive full details of the line-up for the night you have tickets to a few days before the event!! xx