Area 404

Area 404

Four years in planning and we’re really happy to announce the grand opening of our creative events venue in Bristol, UK.

We are launching with a huge Halloween multi-room night in true Boomtown style with creative scene settings, immersive theatre, intimate venues and all the music styles of the fair!!

HALLOWEEN EVENTS: 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th November:

Step into the nuclear quarantine zone of AREA 404 where inhabitants have been trapped since the radioactive meltdown of the former Sector 6 nuclear facility… Left to forge a new life for themselves from the crumbling remains of this vast industrial complex, scavengers roam the wasteland repurposing defunct technology to invent new ways of living in the post apocalyptic vision.

Find all event FAQ’s, room themes & costume inspiration via the links below. 

All four Halloween night sold out in record time this year so make sure you’ve signed up on our mailing list to hear about future AREA 404 nights:

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