Luxury Toilet & Shower facilities

These showers and toilets provide a little slice of tranquillity within the hustle and bustle of the Fair. The swanky services of the purveyors of the finest freshening up facilities, ZooLoos, are returning with their pristine clean toilets and hot private showers to help our citizens take a bit of time out, rejuvenate and refresh ready for more fun and frolics!

For 35 of your fine British pounds you can use the luxury facilities throughout the festival; shower in your own cubicle with private changing areas and fancy loos with washbasins. All the facilities are cleaned after every use and don’t have any nasty chemicals recycled through the system so they’ll be sparkling fresh and ready to use when you need them! There will be three ZooLoos areas situated throughout the site for you to choose from:

ZooLoos HillTop - Located near Town Centre / Old Town in the campsite

ZooLoos DownTown - Located near Info Island in DownTown, near Devil Kicks Dancehall

ZooLoos Wild West  - Located in Wild West camping, near North Gate

PLEASE NOTE: in order to ensure minimal queues, shower access will be limited to your chosen location, but the toilets and dressing area facilities can be used across all three ZooLoos locations.

* This year ZooLoos has listened to everyone’s feedback so tickets include toilets & showers and it’s EXCLUSIVE to those who have paid the £35

* There will be pay as you go showers next door to the busy sites costing £5 per shower

* Opening times 0700am - 0100am

Tickets available here

More information on Zooloos can be found on their website: www.zooloos.co.uk