Stages & Venues

Explore all the stages and venues located throughout the many streets of the city. With over 25 'main' stages and an additional 80 Street Venues to discover, make sure to get to know the venues and stages before you arrive to be fully prepared for making the very most of your time in the city.

All stage line ups and confirmed venues for Chapter 9 will be announced in early 2017.

  1. Town Centre

  2. The Lions Den

  3. The Old Mines

  4. Windmill Stage

  5. Sector 6

  6. Bang Hai Palace

  7. Poco Loco

  8. The Jolly Dodger

  9. The Ballroom

  10. Devil Kicks Dancehall

  11. Robotika

  12. Wrong Side of the Tracks

  13. Rusty Spurs

  14. Crazy Calamities

  15. Hidden Woods

  16. Psychedelic Forest

  17. Wandering Word

  18. Tribe of Frog

  19. The Rave Yard

  20. Scrapyard

  21. Sewage Works

  22. Floating Lotus

  23. Asbo Disco

  24. Chinatown Courtyard