Easy proof of age cards for all under 25s

Easy proof of age cards for all under 25s

Although people from across all generations are welcomed at Boomtown, unsupervised teenagers (17 - 13) are not permitted at the festival and must be accompanied by someone over 30.

If you happen to look under 25, or have super cherubic face that lends itself to ageism in the most complementary manner, you WILL need to prove your age as ID checking will be incredibly strict this year.

To avoid having to bring valuable documents such as a driving licence or passport (100s always end up in lost property every year), CitizenCard are giving all Boomtown attendees a discount on their widely accepted, Boomtown branded, proof of age cards.

Head over to their website for more details: https://www.citizencard.com/ and use the code BOOMTOWN when you apply to get a £5 discount.

For full details on age policy and ID requirements please see the T&Cs section.

If you would like to bring a child or teenager as their appropriate guardian or parent but do not meet the age restrictions, please contacts us on info@boomtownfair.co.uk and we can discuss further.

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