General Campsites

All Festival Entry Tickets include access to all general campsites. There are no segregated arenas at Boomtown so you can choose the area that represents your favourite music, or fancy dress theme and be right up in the action! Campsites include Downtown, Chinatown, Barrio Loco, Wild West, Old Town, Lion's Den, Whistlers Green, Sector 6, as well as the quiet and serene Family & Quiet Camping and Access camping in the Meadow.

Reserved Camping

The Reserved Camping option provides residents with a designated 7m x 5m camping pitch that is marked out and kept squatter free for a stress-free arrival. Located in-between Town Centre and Lion's Den, this prime camping spot is the flattest in town. As long as all guy ropes, tents and personal equipment fit within your boundary you can share your pitch with pals OR if you're coming in a larger group, nominate a group leader during the booking process and the campsite managers will put you all beside each other.

Pre-pitched Tents

 There are many options to choose from and a variety of prices to suit all budgets (probably cheaper to do this than buy a pop up and throw it away, and it costs the planet even less).

Check out the options on offer from Tangerine Fields and Camplight.



Family Camping

Upgraded and expanded for Chapter 9, family camping is situated next to Kidztown with a free shuttle running between family parking. It includes access to showers and child friendly composting toilets.

Family Campsite access is included in the ticket price and there is no need for a separate pass to camp in here. The Family Campsite is stewarded to make sure it is only used by families.