Be a Part of the Story

Be a Part of the Story

For the first time ever, we released our expert costumiers from the confines of their districts to offer city-wide citizens the opportunity for these crafty experts to guide you through the transformation process of discovering your true inner Boomtown character!

Offering bespoke costume making services, our pool of independent skilled makers are on hand to create totally original outfits, a one-off just for you…

District Character Options:

Wild West: 

Cow boys and gals, dubious land-ladies or underhand poker players … the Wild West is your film set, make sure you’re the star you deserve to be!


Fill the streets with flamboyance and Technicolour!! The carnival is in town and looking for new kings and queens! Feathers, sequins, spandex, you name it, we’ll transform you in to it!


Implants, armour, robotics and AI . In the future nothing is as precious as the past. Apart from maybe you…

BHI Rebels: 

Become your very own Bang Hai Rebel with an entire rainbow of ‘Revolutionary costumes’ for you to choose from… Are you more of a pink, blue or green revolutionary??? Or maybe the whole spectrum, one for each day of the fair?!?


Entertainers, fire breathers, sea dogs and shanty singers - Make the port your home and join the melting pot of characters from across the seven seas…