Wild West

Tie up your steed and hang up your saddle, welcome to the district of the Wild West! Venues include: The Old MinesRusty Spurs & Crazy Calamities Saloon

Grab a nip of whiskey at one of the local watering holes and set down your ten gallon. The gold mines may be closed but the showgirls of the west are still filling the saloons with regulars.

Watch your step around here - you needn’t mind the simple townsfolk but this is a hangout for bounty hunters, cowboys, prospectors, and bandits. The law may rule in this town, but that doesn’t mean corruption and scandal aren’t common too.

The Sheriff and his loose cannon of a deputy Bane, are feared and respected for good reason. They have a reputation for a no-nonsense approach to enforcement, and are the finest racketeers this side of the trails. Put a foot wrong and you’ll be stepping out ten paces in the dirt. Outlaws are not welcome in this part of the West, at least not without The Sheriff’s approval.