Mayfair Avenue

Mayfair Avenue is the hub of high society with its swanky electro-swing clubs and live swing bands, venues include; The Ballroom and The Bandstand



Mayfair Avenue's Story

Fat cats, bonuses, tax breaks. Symbols of greed can be seen everywhere, from the grandiose buildings to the streets almost literally paved with gold. The residents in the decadent houses within the gated communities of Mayfair Avenue are Boomtown's influential and elite. 
A playground for the wealthy, this district is home to the 1% and a powerful banking dynasty. Behind the opulence and cabaret of its façade lurks something far more sinister, for it is believed that those in positions of importance desire even greater control. The rumours suggest that this secretive organisation, the Boominati, are governing the city, banks, and media in order to create and lead The New World Order.
Money is power, but it also allows you to spend it with reckless abandon. Boomtowns aristocracy may not want to share its wealth, but it’s more than willing to demonstrate it through outrageously lavish parties.