One of the most popular venues for late night naughtiness is the nine-storey high Bang-Hai Palace.All new for Chapter 8 is cybernetics factory Robotika, haven for all things hardcore theScrapyard, and the mysterious Sewage Works.

Lurking within the seedy establishments of DSTRKT 5 is the very best in drum’n’bass, house, jungle and heavy bass. 

DSTRKT 5 story...

DSTRKT 5 with its bounty of illicit vices exists below the gaze of the authorities. The deluge of neon signs cutting through the darkness offer fleeting pleasures of all kinds; little is off-limits and almost any fantasy can be indulged for the right price. It has earned its reputation as the place to seek what others cannot find or will not sell.

When the aliens first landed the people unanimously joined in celebration as new technologies quickly began to appear amongst the ramshackle high-rises of this broken district.

That was until the disease left it to fend for itself, under quarantine. Local mob boss Muuti now controls this area. It is he the afflicted turned to, trading their humanity for salvation. Keeping the virus dormant through illegal implants based on alien technology, built using the one plentiful resource around here, scrap. This new breed of maligned being, known as Halflings, must stay ahead of the local bounty hunters Deckard and Hassan who seek to bring them to justice.