One of the most popular venues for late night naughtiness is the nine-storey high Bang-Hai Palace.All new for Chapter 8 is cybernetics factory Robotika, haven for all things hardcore theScrapyard, and the mysterious Sewage Works.

Lurking within the seedy establishments of DSTRKT 5 is the very best in drum’n’bass, house, jungle and heavy bass. 

DSTRKT 5 story...

DSTRKT 5 is a world filled with a bounty of illicit vices, existing below the gaze of the authorities it offers fleeting pleasures of all kinds, where little is off-limits and any fantasy can be indulged for the right price!

The D5 underworld of BoomTown, is a decaying sector ruled by Mob boss Muuti who continues to expand his criminal empire through the trade of illegal human modifications. Fusing scrap and Alien technology, the modifications set to enhance the human experience by increasing skills, abilities and powers beyond that of the average human ability.

Those who seek modification do so at their own risk, as each modification becomes increasingly addictive, as the addiction grows, so does Muuti’s wealth and power. 




Muuti is the largest and most notorious mob boss in Boomtown. He's like the Godfather. A likeable jack the lad, but someone who you dare never to cross.  A law unto himself, he runs things around here and ultimately owns everything and everyone.  Residents go to him when they need help, but once Muuti has done you a favour you will be in his pocket for life.  His gang protects the people here from harm and keeps other nefarious organisations at arms reach. The Boomtown officials rarely step foot here so the trade in black market genetic modifications has boomed and created a hugely profitable illegal industry.


Muuti is heavily modified with hybrid robotics giving unusual and unpredictable strengths.  Not much is known about Muuti's past, some believe he was once a great general in a vast army, loosing his eye in victorious battle.  Other believe him to be a small time charmer who through personal struggle and tragic loss found his way to the top, a glorious underdog of the people. Some more merry frequenters of his seedy establishments even proclaim him to be a God!



Illegal modifications based on fusions of scrap and abandoned alien technology are what helped Muuti rise to power. Modifcations or 'Mods' are developed from advanced alien techology, and fuse human genetics with mechanization.  In the form of hybrid robotics, or hidden implants, these Mods can enable the user certain upgrades often giving people god-like enchancements to; run faster, increased intelligence, dance better, psychic abilities and many other upgrades. However they are also popular for those wishing to pursue scandalous vices, previously only obtainable in augmented realities.  Breakthroughs are being made almost daily and the endless possibilities of self improvement are staggering. As with any cosmetic surgery there is a slight hitch, these mods are highly addictive and Muuti is the only one who provides these services. Money talks in this town, keeping his residents safely in his pocket where they belong.  


Expanding Empire

The trade of felonious goods has enabled him to grow into a great power that exists without the fear of the interference and reprisals. His huge increase in wealth and investment has seen enterprises expand, new developments are being built, such as Robotika, Scrap Yard, and Sewage Works, plus his expansion of The Red Rash Inn. This thriving dystopian sector is rapidly becoming a growing empire of illegality.