ChinaTown's music policy is strictly all things Ska and Punk! From skank-tastic ska, ska punk, rockin punk, folk punk, polka punk, hell-jazz 'n' roll, pretty much all areas of this anarchic genre are represented behind these ornate facades... Venues include the ChinaTown Courtyard and Devil Kicks Dancehall.

ChinaTown's story...

Every major capital in the world has a district known as Chinatown and the city of Boomtown is no different. Although grown from an original Chinese settlement it has become a renowned place of commerce where all cultures and small businesses have come to trade their wares.

Chinatown is a bustling market place that pays homage to old and new technologies and is full of various health practices that serve both Western and Eastern mindsets . It is a living mosaic of senses, a heady brew of aromas and flashing signs linger in the air whilst the glow of adverts and billboards paint the streets in colour, battling for attention.

Littered with gaming arcades and interactive digital technology there is an ever present throwback to 16 bit consoles and characters.