A name that is becoming firmly cemented into the upper echelons of cutting edge drum and bass, taking the scene by storm with their take on the darker end of the drum and bass spectrum.

They began experimenting individually with genres such as garage and glitch hop and eventually found their niche in drum and bass. They both pooled their talents together to birth Volatile Cycle, taking influence from artists such as Noisia and The Prodigy, it wasn’t long before they had refined their own, unique sound and started releasing their

music. With humble beginnings on labels such as Ink’s Architecture Recordings, Abducted LTD, and Kosen Production, it wasn’t long before Noisia themselves signed music for their seminal imprint Invisible.

Gaining respect across the board, neurofunk promotions powerhouse NeurofunkGrid reached out, signing them

to their artist agency and releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Lump Hammer EP’ Becoming well known for their signature razor sharp bass, and perfectly executed drum patterns, renowned label Renegade Hardware reached out and signed the Reaktiv LP to further acclaim, propelling them to the forefront of the scene as a serious contender to be reckoned with.

Pushing their boundaries even further with each release, Volatile Cycle have found success in all corners of the scene with further releases on Chase and Status’s imprint with the incredible ‘Feel Good’ and ‘Rundled’on Methlab further proving their versatility in their approach to production. After countless hours in the studio and teaming up with the hugely respected Barbarix for a new alias ‘Sphere on RAM Records they are gaining huge support from A list DJ’s.

With no signs of slowing down, the boys are set to have a huge year to come as they keep pushing their masterful take on drum and bass...

B2B with Block Dodger and Barbarix.