Triple Sickz

Triple Sickz


Teksteppa first got into the rave scene whilst still at school from listening to the likes of the Prodigy and early rave tapes such as Fantazia, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, The Edge etc. Teksteppa's passion grew for the sounds and he decided to buy some turntables and give mixing thing a go for himself. His first residency was a local night in Stratford-upon-avon called Underground. The night also drawn in other local Dj's such as Dj Ratty (Fibre Optic),Fallout (Fibre Optic),Mistress Mo (Flashback).

It was around this time Teksteppa met a house music producer. After been given a handful of cd's with music production software on Teksteppa really got into this new hobby and would spend hours on his pc knocking up beats and riffs and learning to sequence music. Later on from posting up the music on forums etc Teksteppa gained some interest from Dj's / Producers around the globe and people started asking for his music to play in their sets etc.

American label (Freestyle Recordings) showed an interest & decided to give Teksteppa a deal. Teksteppa also decided to record under a new guise Morphesis, tracks under the Morphesis name have been released on other digital imprints such as Darkland Recordings , Oni Records and Flight Recordings.

Onyx In the early 90's Onyx discovered the early rave scene...taken back by this underground music he couldn't get enough of it. From late 94 he started experiencing some crazy partys which led to the obvious, a pair of decks... only by selling his much loved drum kit which had also given him a passion 4 making breakz, loops and beats...The decks stayed ever since...

Influenced by Easygroove Ratty Ellis D Sy Randall, Onyx always followed the jungle route. The scene changed so much in early 95...happy hardcore was amazing but he went back to the Jungle DnB vibe when happy hardcore didnt deliver.

As things have evolved his taste in music has gotten darker, the darker the better, Tech Itch, Dylan, Limewax, SPL & Current Value are all the pionners that have hit the nail on the head for Onyx.

Triple Sickz have releases with various labels such as Sustained records, Harder & Louder, Mindocracy Recordings, Danger Chamber. They are also UK residents for the legendary Hard/Dark Drum and Bass events Therapy Sessions.