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Third Mind Productions


Third Mind Productions present a 360 immersive dystopia, breathing life into the futuristic derelict streets of DSTRKT5. Specialists in altering audiences’ perceptions and enabling the exploration of the farthest reaches of imagination.  Discover the tangled web of ill repute amongst the industrial factories belonging to notorious mob boss Muuti, merchant of cyborg modifications and the district's scarce oxygen supply. Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to have an encounter with the man himself and his unusual methods, leaving you with a firmly implanted memory of your unique journey. By all means enjoy yourself, but tread carefully; a welcome can easily be worn out.




DSTRKT 5 is run by notorious mob boss Muuti. A law unto himself, he runs things around here and ultimately owns everything and everyone.  He supplies the scarce commodity of Oxygen to his citizens.  His empire rapidly expanded through the trade of illegal human enhancements, from genetic upgrades to pleasure implants. Hacking has now become a battle on all fronts between the real-world corruption, the virtual control of privacy, and who’s to be able to access your mind.  If you are fortunate to find Muuti’s Office, be careful as once he has done you a favour you will be in his pocket for life.  




Not much is known about what goes on in this lab. Even fewer people know how to gain access to it.  Dr. Benway is a gifted genetic designer and advance robotics technician who works closely with Muuti as his lead scientist.  His passion is exploring the final frontiers of the human realm and pushing the boundaries of possibility.  Using artificial genetic upgrades and nanobot implants Dr. Benway has always tested the limits of human convention. He is always looking for un-willing guinea pigs to experiment on.