An early fascination with music and sound - staying up late searching the radio, crudely editing audio on tapes, soon grew into an obsession. At the turn of the 1990s the emerging UK breakbeat-hardcore deepened this interest and with 1992 came the first productions created with an 8-bit sampler, Atari STE computer and software including OctaMed.

Continually writing music but never content with any of his work, it wasn't until 2005 that Theory sent out demos. This was in no small part due to coercion from close friends, who had been urging him to send out music for some time already.

Signings quickly followed on Vibez Recordings offshoot 13 Music and Digital's Function Records, with tracks featured on ATM and Knowledge Magazine cover CDs.

In 2006 he hooked up with Rupture, newly formed by Double O and Mantra who had begun putting on nights in London to cater for the deeper side of drum & bass, under-represented for several years.

A steady flow of releases followed on Function Records, Lion Dubs, Translation Recordings, Fokuz Recordings, Dub Clinique, Syncopathic, Omni Music, 45 Seven, Soothsayer, Channel 82, Lighterworks, Tentative, MIR, Danger Chamber.

2012 saw the foundation of the Rupture London label, the first release a split 12" between Theory and Double O which quickly sold out, both tracks becoming favourites at Rupture nights.

Theory continues to play at shows in the UK and Europe, while working hard on original tracks, collaborations and remixes.