The Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion

Wild West

Hailing from the merry old shires of Leicester, The Whiskey Rebellion is a high-octane band of misfits hellbent on a path of musical mayhem and downright debauchery, headed straight for your eardrums. Performing a blend of foot-stomping folk dance tunes, Balkan-infused gypsy swing music, and beer-swilling sea shanties, they are guaranteed to whip you into a frenzy of dance and revelry.

Featuring a monstrous lineup of violin, banjo, mandolin, accordion, clarinet, guitar and bass, each member of the band gives it their all in every set, and since 2015 have been making waves and gaining slaves across the midlands and beyond.

Created as the brainchild of band frontman and mandolinist Jonathan Eve, The Whiskey Rebellion aims to combine world class musicianship with strong narrative-driven songs, and never hesitates to pack each tune full of good humour and powerful stories of love, loss, conquest, betrayal, and devilishly dirty drunkenness.