The Nanofish Dippers

The Nanofish Dippers


The Nanofish Dippers are a nine piece Ska and Reggae band from Berlin, founded in 2004 by the members of a Jazz combo who realized that instead of listening to The Specials, Seeed and The Slackers all day they should use their Jazz training and improvisational skills to dive head-first into offbeat music themselves and leave it to others to wreck their brains figuring out whether the style was dub or rap.

That was a decade ago. Since then, rooted in Berlin’s vibrant alternative subculture, the Nanofish Dippers have played the city’s venues big and small, crossed paths with local legends such as The Magic Touch, toured Russia from Moscow to the Black Sea, composed the (back-then) "problem district" Neukölln's hymn "Nueva Colonia" at a time people usually wouldn’t admit publicly they came from that part of Berlin, and played festivals not all of which were sued afterwards by retired police officers. 2014 saw the release of their first album, "Fish Eat Fish", which has been praised with overwhelmingly favourable responses by the Daily Punctilio and the Tackleford Cormorant.

The band works like a swarm of tiny fish, always in flux due to the individual musicians travelling and returning to Berlin. As if the Nanofish Dipper’s original Roots Reggae and Ska style hadn’t been weird enough to begin with, their sound continuously evolves and changes with the new musical influences brought back home to Berlin from Spain and Corea, London and Mexico, Italy and California, La Reunion and Vietnam, inspired by Funk and HipHop, Swing and Latin-American Music.