Whistlers Green

The electro dub rock collision that is Subgiant, rocked onto the commercial scene with seminal single ‘Filthy’ in 2006. Shortly followed by the esteemed album Global Control.  After giving Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of” the Subgiant treatment, Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank picked up on the sound and promptly booked them up to play Bestival, and has done for the last 6 years on the trot.

All prolific music producers in their own rights, Dan, Olly & Tushar came together through a love of playing live electronica. Their influences run far and wide and to try and pin Subgiant to any single genre is futile. As The Wire once said, “it's wonderful to see proper musicians squandering their talents on 'dance music'!".

The original line up has recently expanded with the addition of vocalist Titus D, enabling the band to express lyrically the depth and diversity of their sound. Also joining them in the last year is saxophinst Lizzy Stoneman.